sarai compound

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sarai compound

sarai compound

Phase two (S2)

1300 Acres owned by MNHD (Madinet Nasr for Housing and Development) located on the km 45 and as a new small city directly on Suez RD and reaching to the new borders of the NEW Administrative Capital Capital Garden is Located over 99 ACRES in mini-Compound inside SARAI ..Surrounded by other mini compounds owned and managed by SARAI itself First phase launched last November was worthy almost 1.5 Billion inventories from Svillas and Apartments vanished in 3 days
New phase is launching below market prices as usual (all prices per meter are averages   (Price per meter ranging from 9500 to 11000 for very prime locations) with the most attractive payment plans of MNHD
(0% and 6 years) or (10% and 7 years)
S2 will launch near to the heart of the project and will have the following products S Villa (New Concept of townhouses (Middle and Corner units as well)
Svilla A (260 m Ground +first + Garden average 100m )      with an average 3.1 or less
0% and 6              44000/monthly
Svilla B  ( 300 m Ground+first+penthouse+ average100 m Garden )  average 3.8 or less
0% and 6 years       52000/monthly
All prices are averages

Apartments 3 BEDROOMS
From 164 m          (All Bedrooms with terraces on landscape
0% and 6 years           22000/monthly
N.B (available with garden with average extra 350000 over the installments)

173             All Bedrooms with terraces on landscape      (Not available with garden)
0% and 6 years             23000/monthly
Up to
184 m       CORNER Unit +All Bedrooms are Masters with Master Bathrooms+View landscape
N.B (available with garden with almost extra 350000 over the installments) 0% and 6 years…………….25000/monthly

2BEDROOMS Apartment
*124 m      All Bedrooms are masters with Master bathrooms
0% and 6 years                   average 17000/M
*142m+garden av 80m
0% and 6 years                                 average 24000/M

• NB  124 m is also available with garden will add almost 230000 over the installments